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Use of workshops

Who can use the workshops?

Students and academic staff who have undergone mandatory training.

Which workshops do you have access to?

  • Wood workshop
  • Plastic workshop
  • Metal workshop
  • Student workshop (Lettverksted)
    • Workshop rooms
    • Varnish room
    • Plaster room
  • Construction hall when needed (an application is required)
The student workshop is open around the clock. The other workshops can be used during opening hours.

You can apply for extended access to the workshops (between. 15.45 and 22.00).

The interaction workshop

Here you will find i.a. foil cutter, scanner, sewing machines, electronics workshop, 2 photo studios.
It is also possible to borrow photo equipment and drones.

NB! To use the photo studios, you must book an appointment via moodle

For questions contact thomasisak@adm.aho.no

Where do you not have access?

  • The 3D printer workshop 

Only workshop attendants and student assistants can use these machines/services.

  • CNC milling machine/router
  • Laser
  • 3D printer
  • Oscillating knife cutting machine
  • Vinyl cutter
Students and staff can book services.

Mandatory courses and other training

  • The workshop organises courses for new students and academic staff.
  • The courses are held at the start of the semester.
  • Students must participate in the courses to get access to the workshops.
  • Others who need to use the workshops, but who lack training, can contact us.
  • Special courses relating to teaching and research can be organised as needed if there is capacity.


The workshop staff’s primary task is to help the students in their use of the workshops, choice of materials, processing and use of machines.
In order to benefit as much as possible from their expertise, the students must be prepared. 
For example, they are expected to have a technical drawing/sketch with suggestions for materials and dimensions.
In very busy periods, there will be limited opportunity for helping individual students.

House rules

  • You are responsible for keeping the workshop in good order while working there.
  • Tidy up after yourself immediately after finishing your work.
  • Handle waste correctly and responsibly.

If the workshops are not kept in satisfactory order, the power to the machines must be shut off and the area must be tidied before normal activity is resumed.