Internasjonal master i landskapsarkitektur 2 år

The International Master of Landscape Architecture at AHO gives students a platform of skills, competence and knowledge, based on design and research, to operate as a professional landscape architects. It fosters the capacity to understand and act in diverse contexts that range from cities to extreme landscapes and territories.



The International Master of Landscape Architecture at AHO focuses on design, emphasizing the relationship between present pressing challenges, landscape history and possible futures. AHO's landscape program builds upon the legacy of the Oslo School of Architecture, particularly the school's fascinating and unique history of landscape driven architecture. Historically AHO and the Norwegian design culture in general,  has explored the links between infrastructural developments and innovative ways to design within delicate and dramatic natural environments.
Education is studio based in an environment of constant personal contact with Scandinavian and international practitioners, researchers, and educators. AHO provides access to a diverse palette of tools, sharing resources with the Architecture and Design programs. Within this environment of shared resources, AHO promotes constant experimentation with diverse landscape media that extend beyond horticultural material. 
The school's context is the Oslo metropolitan region, a vital environment that is an ideal location to study the link between cities and natural systems, particularly in regards to hydrology and topography. As a city that has been experiencing growth while in contact with delicate ecosystems, Oslo is a productive laboratory to explore pressing ecological challenges related to contemporary urbanization.
Within this exciting context, the landscape program also reaches global agendas, mainly through traveling studios and faculty research that include The Arctic and Subarctic, Latin America, Asia, and Europe.
AHO's Master of Landscape Architecture is a two year 120 ects program. Admission requires a bachelor in Landscape Architecture or other relevant and equivalent education.
The International Master of Landscape Architecture at AHO is IFLA accredited. The program has twice received a Rosa Barba special mention (2014 and 2018) in the prestigious international competition for world leading schools of landscape architecture.

Credit: Miguel Hernandez and Sepher  Jafari - "Acting summer, walking rain, 2nd semester Master Studio

Studio-based teaching

Comprehensive studio courses are the key elements of the academic programmes at AHO. The studio courses focus on project work, integrating academic knowledge and applied skills. A low faculty to student ratio of one to eight encourages individual
development and collaboration. AHO has an international faculty that provides the necessary breadth of a contemporary architecture and design education.


The Master Diploma is the student’s concluding project and is completed during their final semester. The project is often connected to research and development activities at AHO. Diplomas are judged by external examiners, after which the degree of Master of Architecture is awarded.

Credit: Slvia Diaconu and Alisha Baker. "Objects as grounds" 3rd semester master studio.


AHO is a state owned institution and does not charge tuition fees. Please note that students from non Nordic, EU, EEA and EFTA countries must document economic subsistence (NOK 116 369) in order to obtain a student residence permit in Norway.
Read more here. AHO does not offer scholarships.

Master i landskapsarkitektur er et toårig studium som gir 120 studiepoeng.

Opptak forutsetter en bachelor i landskapsarkitektur eller annen relevant og tilsvarende utdanning.

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