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Industrial Design 1(ID): Technoform

Full course name in English: 
Industrial Desgign 1: Technoform
70 501
Syklus 2
2014 Høst

Passed the undergraduate program at AHO or equivalent industrial/product design education.

Om emnet

Industrial design 1, Technoform deals with advanced product development and the student’s works with problems in the crossection between technology and aesthetics. The course has a broad approach to the topic and the students can choose working with extreme industry or down to daily products. By experimenting and researching different techniques the students achieve a practical approach to the design process. New materials an production methods are central in the course. Reflection around choices and decision making, give and receive critique from their peer are essential. Summing up the course focuses on; Aesthetics, Ethics, Tools and methods, Communication, and materials/technology.


Aesthetics; To give the student knowledge about aesthetical means and a competence to implement and utilize form(giving) for different materials and manufacturing techniques
Designerly approach; To give the student knowledge about new methodological approaches based on new technology/materials, and a general competence to observe correlations and think holistic. And to be able to utilize this in product development.
Sustainability; To give the student knowledge about the correlations between context, details and overarching challenges that occurs with new materials and new methods for production. To give a general competence in contemporary thinking within sustainability.
Ethics; To give the student knowledge about the dilemmas that lies within creating value and the use of technology. To give a general competence in reflection around ethical dilemmas.
Tools and methods; Develop the skills within classic design tools like CAD, drawing, rapid prototyping etc but also to incorporate and develop new tools and methods based on new situations and technology.
Skills; Basic skills like drawing, CAD, worskop etc are honed during the whole semester.

Praktisk organisering og arbeidsmåter

Aesthetics; Through exercises, discussions and product development.
Designerly approach; Through lectures and peer reviews.
Sustainability; Guest lectures and discussions
Ethics; Guest lectures and discussions
Tools and methods; Through individual work and workshops
Material and technology; Lectures, peer review, individual work
Skills; Individual work

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