Landscape Architecture

Education in landscape architecture is project and design based. It provides an understanding of the spatial relationship between city, landscapes and territories, and focuses on the relationship between the landscape's history, present and future.

The education is based on research and on the students' experimenting with the relationship between the architectural and landscapes. The teaching is based on recognition of the natural and cultural values ​​and includes the study of the natural processes and design and shaping of our surroundings: The towns and cultural landscape, the development of cities, recreational surroundings, landscape practices, natural resources, coastal and landscape spaces.
Research and teaching has its roots in landscape urbanism, which is based in the landscape and the water cycle as a premise for urban development.

AHO offers two landscape architecture programmes. One is based at AHO in Oslo, and the other at the Tromsø Academy of Landscape and Territorial Studies in Northern Norway.

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