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Confronting Wicked Problems

Confronting Wicked Problems

Adapting Architectural Education to the New Situation in Europe
​This research project is coordinated by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), with funding from the ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action II, Strategic partnerships. Project period: 1st of September 2014 to 31th of August 2017.

The project´s point of departure is the acknowledgement that architecture as an education, a discipline and a profession has to redefine and release its potential for problem-solving and innovation within a new economic and societal context.  This new normal implies that the knowledge basis, teaching methods and role models transferred in architectural education have to be adapted to a new reality. There is a strong demand for diversification both in architectural education and in practice.







Project leaders

Professor Karl-Otto Ellefsen,
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Professor Tarald Lundevall,
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
Special responsibility for the think-tank TADPK

Project officer

Research advisor Anne-Marie Øveraas

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