Confronting Wicked Problems

Confronting Wicked Problems

Adapting Architectural Education to the New Situation in Europe
​This research project is coordinated by the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO), with funding from the ERASMUS+ programme, Key Action II, Strategic partnerships. Project period: 1st of September 2014 to 31th of August 2017.

The project´s point of departure is the acknowledgement that architecture as an education, a discipline and a profession has to redefine and release its potential for problem-solving and innovation within a new economic and societal context.  This new normal implies that the knowledge basis, teaching methods and role models transferred in architectural education have to be adapted to a new reality. There is a strong demand for diversification both in architectural education and in practice.



The 2017 EAAE- Conference and General Assembly in Bordeaux will take place in Bordeaux on August 30th 2017. The project’s Final Report will be presented and discussed during the event. More information






Project leaders

Professor Karl-Otto Ellefsen,
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.

Professor Tarald Lundevall,
The Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
Special responsibility for the think-tank TADPK

Project officer

Research advisor Anne-Marie Øveraas

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