Traumatiseriende arkitektur? - Norsk byutvikling 1960 - 1980

Mirza Mujezinović forsvarte sin doktoravhandling «The Architecture of the Urban Project» for ph.d.-graden ved AHO fredag 2. desember 2016.

New book: "Model Perspectives"

Bjørn Normann Sandaker has co-authored «Model Perspectives. Structure, Architecture and Culture” with professors Mark R. Cruvellier and Luben Dimcheff at Cornell University, New York. The book is published by Routledge and appeared for sale earlier this fall.

What can solar cells do for design?

Or how to get people to enjoy sustainable architecture more and architects to make more sustainable architecture. An interview with PHD Nina Edwards Anker.

Nina Edwards Anker forsvarte sin doktoravhandling

Nina Edwards Anker forsvarte mandag 7. november 2016 sin phD doktoravhandling "Mediating Sunlight: Sensing Solar Cells".