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We have 20 free spots in a yoga and stress management course that start on Tuesday 12 October from 8 pm -  9 pm. The course runs over six times at the same time and place.
Norway is open again after 18 months of lockdown, and we can finally welcome everyone back to an open AHO! How will you notice this as a student or staff:

AHO still has many self-tests, and students and staff are free to collect a test even if they do not suspect Covid-19. The best way to avoid an outbreak is to get a test early to avoid infecting others. The tests are free, easy to use, and you get them in the reception at AHO. 

The workshop extends the course period by 1 week to include those of you who have not yet received workshop courses. 
InfoCorona site has been updated:
30.09: Updated after the opening 
24.09: Remember to use AHO Check-in
In collaboration with SIO, AHO will now offer self-tests to our students and staff. You can get a self-test in the reception. The following students and staff can get a self-test:
Do something social for you and your fellow students! Apply for support towards activities, events and jobs at studenttiltak.no/en.
The school is closes for all student on Saturday 28 August to Sunday 29 August, except for diploma students.

You must complete the semester registration in studentweb by registering for class and exam. Here you'll find more info. 
As we have previously informed you about, the transfer of your AHO mailbox to the cloud (OFFICE 365) will take place Sunday May 2nd.
We want it to be easy for students to let us know and give feedback to AHO. We have published a new website on aho.no that gives you an overview of the points of contacts at AHO you use. 

Welcome to Quiz Thursday 15 April!
We would like to remind you of the deadline for applying for exchange through AHO fall semester 2021/spring semester 2022, which is February 1st.
Christmas is just a few days away. Some of you are going home, while others are going to stay in Oslo. We hope you have a wonderful Christmas, regardless of where you are and despite the unusual circumstances! Read here for more information about opening hours and chrismas lunches. 
An unusual - and sometimes challenging - year is coming to an end, and the Christmas holidays are approaching. We know that for some of you this Christmas will be different, as some of you are not going home for the holidays due to the pandemic. Therefore, we would like to invite you home for a lunch or dinner during the holidays.